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Retail Services

Statutory Filing (ROC, Income tax, TDS Returns, Payroll Etc.):- We take care of all the things starting from collection of data, processing & filings etc. And thus we set you free from all procedural jobs to let you increase your business; viz your main domains. Neu Tax makes all statutory filings as easy as anything.

• Certifications and Report Preparation:- During the normal course of business you require lot of certificates from your auditors or a chartered accountant that seeks your involvement & much of your time in unproductive work; we shall set you free.

• MIS Reporting and Ledger Scrutiny:- MIS stands for Managerial Information System; here we set some basic reports that you need for critical decisions you do regularly or to monitor your organizational performance at regular intervals. SNeu Tax put its effort to provide you Timely & Accurate MIS Reporting & partnering in your growth.

A short inspection to check upon the ledger accounts that which account are not running according to its normal conduct & nature so that reasons can be enquired and any mistake can be plucked off.

• Control Over Statutory Compliance:- Onsite supervisor may have some practical problem and there may have some bottleneck or he may run short of time whatever be the reason we share the information, with you and have a complete control over statutory liabilities of the organization and inform to the client on time so that alternative ways or consequences can be discussed upon.